We deal in all types gearbox which are used on Ships and Industries. Spur gearbox, Helical gearbox, Bevel gearbox, Spiral gearbox, Hypoid gearbox and Planetary gearboxes; both operated by hydraulic and electric motors are available and supplied regularly based on customer’s type of inquiry.

             As we are in a business of selling reusable products, we do take after-sale responsibility because we are always sure about what we serve. This always results in increase in customer’s satisfaction in Financial and Mental way.

Here is how we deal with our customers

1) We receive product inquiry via email.

2) We inform them availability of the product. If available, the photos and details of the product are sent to customer by one of our clients.

3) Once approved by the customers, we send them best available transportation rates and complete necessary paper works. Later, product is shipped directly to their requested destination.